A picture of me done by: Latoya Tyson

Through my work I like to capture the natural look of wonder and curiosity in the eyes of others. When I begin a piece, I always start with the eyes and it seems like everything else falls into place from there.

 To me, eyes are the most interesting and important part of a person; just by looking into someone’s eyes so many emotions can be seen. I am so inspired by this that the style I am using to draw people is my contribution to the world.

 I have a seizure disorder that prevents me from most forms of traditional employment; fortunately, my drawings and paintings don’t require me to punch a clock so I can work when I am most creative. It’s my dream to support myself through my work and provide people with a distinctively different piece of art they will appreciate and enjoy for a lifetime.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece or have questions about my work, I’d love to connect with you.